As soon as all effort disappears from a manifestation, it becomes very simple, with the simplicity of a flower opening, manifesting its beauty and spreading its fragrance without clamour or vehement gesture. And in this simplicity lies the greatest power, the power which is least mixed and least gives rise to harmful reactions. Simplicity, simplicity! How sweet is the purity of Thy Presence!

Sri Aurobindo's answer is always the same: Be simple, be simple, very simple. And I know what he means: to deny entry to regulating, organising, prescriptive, judgmental thought — he wants none of all that. What he calls being simple is a joyful spontaneity; in action, in expression, in movement, in life, be simple, be simple, be simple. A joyful spontaneity.

Beauty in Collective Simplicity
Each element plays its part in the whole.

Ornithogalum umbellatum
Star of Bethlehem, Nap at noon, Summer snowflake
Small white star-shaped flowers with six pointed petals; borne in compact many-flowered racemes. A small bulbous plant with narrow leaves.

Photo Courtesy: it1315922

Candid Simplicity in the Vital
One of the most difficult qualities for the vital to acquire.

Sorrel, Shamrock
Small lavender pink to rose purple cup-shaped flower with five rounded petals and a light green centre with a yellow-tipped pistil and stamens; borne in few-flowered umbels. A small bulbous perennial herb with usually trifoliate leaves.

Integral Simplicity
The simplicity that comes from perfect sincerity.

Vittadinia triloba
Creeping daisy
Small compositae flower with a double row of numerous narrow rounded white ray florets and a buttonlike centre of yellow disc forets; borne singly on thin stems. A small floriferous perennial herb or subshrub.

Photo Courtesy: Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Mental Simplicity
Does not like complications.

Thymophylla tenuiloba [Dysodia tenuiloba]
Golden fleece, Dahlberg daisy
Tiny compositae flower with yellow ray florets and a yellow centre; borne singly among finely cut aromatic leaves. A low bushy annual herb.

Photo Courtesy: Jillhudgins

Simple Sincerity
The beginning of all progress.

Aster amellus
Italian aster
Small single compositae flower with narrow white ray florets and a centre of tiny yellow disc florets; borne in corymbs. An attractive perennial herb.

Photo Courtesy: Northeast photography

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