What we mean by Spirit is self-existent being with an infinite power of consciousness and unconditioned delight in its being.

Spirit is Sat or pure existence, pure in self-awareness (Chit), pure in self-delight (Ananda). Therefore Spirit can be regarded as a triune basis of all conscious being.

All things here are expression, form, energy, action of the Spirit; matter itself is but form of Spirit, life but power of being of the Spirit, mind but working out of consciousness of the Spirit. All Nature is a display and a play of God, power and action and self-creation of the one spiritual Being.

This world is, no doubt, based ostensibly upon Matter, but its summit is Spirit and the ascent towards Spirit must be the aim and justification of its existence and the pointer to its meaning and purpose.

Mental Spirit of Imitation
What you cannot find for yourself, you imitate.

Dendrophthoe falcata
Medium-sized pale orange yellow narrow tubular flower with exserted stamens tipped with bright red anthers and a corolla tube that ends in five narrow green recurved lobes resembling a star; borne in axillary clusters along the branches of trees. A parasitic plant.

Photo Courtesy: J.M.Garg

Sign of the Spirit

The Spirit says, “I am here”.

Viscum album
Tiny translucent white globose berries in large clusters. A yellowish green parasitic shrub.

Photo Courtesy: Nova

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