Spontaneous Aspiration of Nature towards the Divine

Wide open, spontaneous, irrevocable in its spontaneous power.

Leucanthemum vulgare [Chrysanthemum leucanthemum]
Ox-eye daisy, Moon daisy, Marguerite
Medium-sized single white compositae flower with a yellow centre, borne singly on a long stalk. A slender erect rhizomatous perennial.

Photo Courtesy: Ram-Man

Spontaneous Beauty
Delicate and magnificent, it has an incomparable charm.

Ipomoea Nil 'Cornell'
Morning glory
Large showy rose pink funnelform flower with a white border and throat; borne singly or in small clusters. An annual climber.

Spontaneous Boldness
One of the results of perfect trust in the Divine

Celosia argentea (Cristata)
Common cockscomb
Green compact velvety rounded or flared floral heads with intricate convolutions; the tiny inconspicuous flowers are sparsely arranged on the stem below. A bold striking annual.

Photo Courtesy: Koizumi

Spontaneous Endurance
Natural, effortless, smiling.

Zinnia elegans
Common zinnia, Youth-and-old-age
Large, usually double compositae light green flowers with firm spatulate ray florets; borne singly on sturdy stems. A long-blooming garden annual.

Photo Courtesy: Scott.Zonna

Spontaneous Joy of Nature

It is man who has made Nature sorrowful.

Papaver rhoeas
Corn poppy, Field poppy, Flanders poppy, Shirley poppy
Medium-sized showy cup-shaped usually single flower with four wide delicately crinkled satiny petals and a central tuft of numerous stamens; in shades of red, purple, pink, orange and occasionally white; borne singly on long stems. A small erect branching annual herb.

Photo Courtesy: Only_point_five

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