What it has chosen it keeps and does not like to change.

Psidium guajava
Common guava, Yellow guava, Apple guava
Medium-sized mildly fragrant white saucer- shaped flower with five petals and a prominent centre of numerous stamens; borne in pairs in few-flowered clusters. A small to medium-sized evergreen fruit tree.

Photo Courtesy: mauroguanandi

Solid Steadfastness in the Material Consciousness
The material consciousness has a firm and solid steadfastness.

Bombax ceiba
Red silk-cotton tree, Simul
Large deep red flower with five fleshy recurved petals and prominent stamens in two central whorls; borne singly. A very large spiny deciduous tree with palmate leaves.

Pictue Courtesy: Nomad@silent

Steadfast Vitality
The vitality that is based on integral consecration.

Areca catechu
Betel palm, Betel-nut-palm, Areca nut palm, Catechu
Very tiny fragrant white flowers with three pointed petals; borne in multiple sprays just below the leaves. A slender decorative feather- leaf palm of medium height with conspicuous round bright orange fruits.

Photo Courtesy: Stupz

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