Strength in the Vital

Likes to show its beauty and its power.

Solenostemon scutellarioides [Coleus Xhybridus ]
Coleus, Painted nettle
An annual or perennial herb with semi-succulent stems and multicoloured leaves, often brightly hued in a wide variety of forms and patterns.

Photo Courtesy: Pharaoh Hound

Quite Strength in the Vital
Does not like to attract attention.

Tradescantia zebrina [Zebrina pendula]
Wandering Jew, Inch plant
Tiny magenta pink three-petalled flower set in two opposite horizontal unequal bracts that are green with a dark green central stripe and dull purple on the reverse; borne singly. A trailing perennial succulent herb with metallic green leaves that have purple edges and a purple central stripe, and turn dark green with age.

Photo Courtesy: Ruestz

Illumined Strength in the Vital
(No comment)

Amaranthus caudatus
Love-lies-bleeding, Velvet flower, Tassel flower
Long tapering pendulous or erect catkins densely covered with tiny off-white flowers. An annual herb with brilliant coloured leaves either red or a combination of red, green and yellow.

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