When superman is born as Nature's king 
His presence shall transfigure Matter's world: 
He shall light up Truth's fire in Nature's night, 
He shall lay upon the earth Truth's greater law; 
Man too shall turn towards the Spirit's call. 
Awake to his hidden possibility, 
Awake to all that slept within his heart 
And all that Nature meant when earth was formed 
And the Spirit made this ignorant world his home, 
He shall aspire to Truth and God and Bliss.


In a profound sense it is the call and attraction of the future that makes the past and present, and that future will be more and more seen to be the growth of the godhead in the human being which is the high fate of this race that thinks and wills and labours towards its own perfection. This is a strain that we shall hear more and more, the song of the growing godhead of the kind, of human unity, of spiritual freedom, of the coming supermanhood of man, of the divine ideal seeking to actualise it self in the life of the earth, of the call to the individual to rise to his godlike possibility. . . .

If a spiritual unfolding on earth is the hidden truth of our birth into Matter, if it is fundamentally an evolution of consciousness that has been taking place in Nature, then man as he is cannot be the last term of that evolution: he is too imperfect an expression of the Spirit, Mind itself a too limited form and instrumentation; Mind is only a middle term of consciousness, the mental being can only be a transitional being. If, then, man is incapable of exceeding mentality, he must be surpassed and Supermind and superman must manifest and take the lead of the creation. But if his mind is capable of opening to what exceeds it, then there is no reason why man himself should not arrive at supermind and supermanhood or at least lend his mentality, life and body to an evolution of that greater term of the Spirit manifesting in Nature.

Each time we try not to be ordinary men, not to live the ordinary life, to express in our movements, our actions and reactions the divine Truth, when we are governed by that Truth instead of being governed by the general ignorance, we are apprentice-supermen, and according to the success of our efforts, well, we are more or less able apprentices, more or less advanced on the way.

The aim of our aspirations.

Very large (over 16 cm.) double pure white compositae flower showing no disc florets. The ray florets are regularly arranged, their edges usually slightly incurved and their tips either broadly pointed or rounded; borne singly. A tender tuberous-rooted perennial herb.

Photo Courtesy: annethelibrarian

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