Thirst for Perfection
Constant and manifold aspiration.

Beleperone guttata
Shrimp plant, Mexican shrimp plant. Shrimp bush, False hop
Small white flattened tubular two-lipped flowers spotted with purple on the lower lip emerging from broad showy russet or greenish-yellow bracts; in drooping terminal spikes. An evergreen subshrub with weak stems.

Picture Courtesy:Nemo

Thirst to Learn
One of the qualities that facilitate integral progress.

Ipomoea lobata [Mina lobata]
Spanish flag
Small slightly curved tubular bright red flower that fades to yellow with age, with prominently exserted stamens; borne in many-flowered onesided axillary racemes. A light annual vine with lobed leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Green.Thumbs

Thirst to Understand
Very useful for transformation.

Crossostephium artemisioides
Chinese lavender
Small rounded heads of tiny dusty yellow compositae flowers in terminal racemes. A low perennial herb with silvery grey leaves.

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