Birth of True Mental Sincerity
With its birth the mind will understand that it is only an intermediary and not an end in itself.

Melampodium paludosum
Small single yellow compositae flower with a dark brown centre; borne in leafy cymes. A long-blooming perennial herb.

Photo Courtesy: Van swearingen

True Action in the Material Vital
Graceful and simple in its spontaneity.

Combretum coccineum
Large dense branching brushlike clusters of small bright crimson five-petalled flowers with exserted stamens. A vine or twining shrub of moderate growth with bronze-coloured new leaves.

Copyright © Prasad Vallabhajosyula; Photo Courtesy: Trek Nature

True Worship
Total and constant, without demand or claim.

Leucas aspera
Tiny white bilabiate flowers, the lower lip larger and the upper lip softly downy, emerging from green calyces tightly arranged in rounded clusters. A common annual herb of fields and waysides in India.

Photo Courtesy: Vadakkan

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