Deeply open so as not to refuse anything.

Beaumontia jerdoniana
Nepal trumpet flower, Herald's trumpet, Easter lily vine
Large fragrant white funnelform flower that has five sharply recurved lobes with wavy edges, a small yellow green centre and prominent stamens united at the anthers; borne in axillary and terminal corymbs. A heavy woody vine with large glossy leaves.

Picture Courtesy: Eric

Unselfish Prosperity
He who receives it abundantly gives all that he has as he receives it.

Couroupita guianensis
Cannolball tree
Large very fragrant pink and white flowers with six wide fleshy satiny petals and a prominent central hood ending in numerous yellow-tipped stamens; borne in long pendulous racemes directly from the trunk and main branches. A moderately large tree with unique cannonball shaped fruits.
Photo Courtesy: Dinesh valke

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