Right Use of the Granted Grace
No deformation, no diminution, no exaggeration, a clear sincerity.

Soap-won, Bouncing Bet
Small white or pink flowers with five widely separated petals; borne in many-flowered umbels. A strong rhizomatous perennial.

Photo Courtesy: Gerturd.K

Usefulness of the New creation (Usefulness of Auroville)
A creation which aims at teaching men to surpass themselves.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Chinese hibiscus, Hawaiian hibiscus, Rose- of-China
Medium to large solid single deep pink flower with flat rounded petals and a reddish pink center.

Photo courtesy: Mira

Balanced use of the Integral Power
In truth, power can only become integral when it is used in a balanced way.

Sinningia speciosa
Florists' gloxinia, Gloxinia, Brazilian gloxinia, Violet slipper gloxinia
Showy medium-sized single white velvety bell- shaped flower with a spreading limb divided into five to twelve lobes with ruffled edges; borne singly or in small clusters on long stems. A low tuberous perennial herb with broad pubescent leaves.

Picture not available.

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