Vigilance means to be awake, to be on guard, to be sincere - never to be taken by surprise. When you want to do sadhana, at every moment of your life there is a choice between taking a step that leads to the goal and falling asleep or sometimes even going backwards, telling yourself, "Oh, later on, not immediately" — sitting down on the way.


Indispensable for all true progress.

Pentapetes phoenicea
Small red orange saucer-shaped flower with five rounded petals and five narrow elongated anthers that protrude from the centre; borne singly on very short stems from the leaf axils. A narrow annual herb with lanceolate leaves that have irregularly toothed edges.

Photo Courtesy:「いとしきものたち」-2

Perfect Vigilance
Nothing is neglected in its observation.

Magnolia grandiflora
Large-flowered magnolia, Bull bay, Southern magnolia
Very large stately heavily fragrant ivory white cup-shaped flower with firm petals; borne singly. A large tree.

Photo Courtesy: Donna Osborn

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