Wisdom is the vision of truth in its essence and of its application in the manifestation.

Wisdom looks behind the veil and sees. Reason divides, fixes details and contrasts them; Wisdom unifies, marries contrasts in a single harmony.

Can only be acquired through union with the Divine Consciousness.

Enterolobium saman
Rain tree, Saman, Monkey pod, Zamang
Medium-sized soft delicate powderpuff head composed of inconspicuous flowers with numerous pink stamens that are white at the base; borne in clusters from the leaf axils. A very large spreading tree with dark grey almost black bark, and leaves that close at night and at the approach of rain.

Photo Courtesy: Ozone9999, Duke and Sarge

Striving towards Wisdom

A bit of wisdom is welcome.

Powderpufftree, Powderpuff
Small to medium-sized powderpuff heads composed of numerous stamens in white, greenish white, pink, red or purple; borne singly or in clusters from the leaf axils. A shrub or small tree with pinnate leaves.

Striving towards Integral Wisdom
Like everything that belongs to creation, wisdom is progressive.

Calliandra portoricensis
Medium-sized powderpuff head composed of white stamens; borne from the leaf axils. A tall spreading shrub.

Photo not available.

Wisdom in the Physical Mind
A first step towards the Supramental manifestation upon earth.

Calliandra haematocephala
Red powderpuff
Medium-sized powderpuff head composed of red stamens; borne from the leaf axils. A tall spreading shrub.

Photo Courtesy: Palestrina55

Integral Wisdom
The wisdom one obtains through union with the Divine.

Albizia lebbeck
Siris tree, Woman's tongue tree, Lebbeck tree
Very fragrant medium-sized tassel-like head composed of numerous long cream white stamens with yellow green tips; borne in axillary clusters. A large spreading deciduous tree.

Photo Courtesy: Toptropicals.com

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