[The Creative Word] is the word which creates. There are all kinds of old traditions, old Hindu traditions, old Chaldean traditions, in which the Divine in the form of the Creator, that is, in His aspect as Creator, utters a word that has the power to create. So it is this. . . And it is the origin of the mantra. The mantra is the spoken word that has a creative power. An invocation is made and there is an answer to the invocation; or one makes a prayer and the prayer is granted. This is the Word, the Word that, in its sound ... it is not only the idea, it is in the sound that there is a power of creation. It is the origin of the mantra. In Indian mythology the creator God is Brahma, and I think that it was precisely his power which has been symbolised by this flower, the "Creative Word". And when one is in contact with it, the words spoken have a power of evocation, of creation, of formation or of transformation; the words . . . sound always has a power; it has much more power than men think.

Creative Word
Belongs only to the Divine.

Leucanthemum X superbum [Chrysanthemum Xsuperbum]
Shasta daisy
Large single compositae flower with white ray florets that are often crested or frilled and a prominent yellow centre of disc florets. A robust perennial

Photo Courtesy: Carl E Lewis

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