Worship is only the first step on the path of devotion. Where external worship changes into the inner adoration, real Bhakti begins; that deepens into the intensity of divine love; that love leads to the joy of closeness in our relations with the Divine; the joy of closeness passes into the bliss of union.

The aim of Yoga being union, its beginning must always be a seeking after the Divine, a longing after some kind of touch, closeness or possession. When this comes on us, ... adoration becomes always primarily an inner worship; we begin to make ourselves a temple of the Divine, our thoughts and feelings a constant prayer of aspiration and seeking, our whole life an external service and worship.

True Worship
Total and constant, without demand or claim.

Leucas aspera
Tiny white bilabiate flowers, the lower lip larger and the upper lip softly downy, emerging from green calyces tightly arranged in rounded clusters. A common annual herb of fields and waysides in India.

Photo Courtesy: Vadakkan

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