All quarrels proceed from egoism which pushes its own opinion and affirms its own importance, considering that it is right and everybody else wrong and thus creates anger and sense of injury etc. These things must not be indulged, but rejected at once.

As for ill-will, jealousy, quarrels and reproaches, one must sincerely be above all that and reply with a benevolent smile to the bitterest words; and unless one is absolutely sure of oneself and one's reactions, it would be better, as a general rule, to keep silent.

To be above offence or insult makes one truly great.

No quarrels
A very important condition to fulfil in order to facilitate the advent of the Supermind.

Gloriosa superba
Glory lily, Climbing lily
Medium-sized pendulous flower with six acutely recurved narrow petals with very wavy edges and pointed tips, and six spreading horizontal stamens beneath; the flower opens with the lower half of the petals yellow green and the upper half dull pink, then changes to greenish yellow flecked with orange and orange red, and finally at maturity turns deep orange red; borne singly on firm horizontal stalks. A tuberous climbing perennial herb with leaf tips that curl into tendrils.

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