Liberation signifies an emergence into the true spiritual nature of being where all action is the automatic self-expression of that truth and there can be nothing else.

Deep, intense, convincing, common to all who have overstepped a certain limit of the active mind-belt into the horizonless inner space, this is the great experience of liberation, the consciousness of something within us that is behind and outside of the universe and all its forms, interests, aims, events and happenings, calm, untouched, unconcerned, illimitable, immobile, free....

In the spiritual order of things, the higher we project our view and our aspiration, the greater the Truth that seeks to descend upon us, because it is already there within us and calls for its release from the covering that conceals it in manifested Nature.

By physical liberation (liberation from Karma) one becomes the master of his destiny.
By vital liberation (liberation from desires) the personal will gets identified with the Divine Will.
By emotional liberation (liberation from suffering) one realises the supramental unity.
By mental liberation (liberation from ignorance) one obtains the mind of light and the gnostic consciousness.

The sense of release as if from jail always accompanies the emergence of the psychic being or the realisation of the self above. It is therefore spoken of as a liberation, mukti. It is a release into peace, happiness, the soul's freedom not tied down by the thousand ties and cares of the outward ignorant existence.

The disappearance of the ego.

Careya arborea
Large cream white flower with numerous red-tipped stamens. A conspicuous deciduous forest tree with large leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Himanshu Sarpotdar

Liberation in the Vital

Another result of conversion

Berrya cordifolia [Berrya ammonilla]
Small greenish brown papery six-winged seeds borne in large erect racemes above the leaves. A medium to large tree with tiny white flowers.

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