Money is the visible sign of a universal force, and this force in its manifestation on earth works on the vital and physical planes and is indispensable to the fullness of the outer life. In its origin and its true action it belongs to the Divine.

Money is not meant to make money, money is meant to make the earth ready for the advent of the new creation.

Money belongs to the one who spends it; that is an absolute law. You may pile up money, but it doesn’t belong to you until you spend it. Then you have the merit, the glory, the joy, the pleasure of spending it!…Money is not meant to generate money; money should generate an increase in production, an improvement in the conditions of life and a progress in human consciousness. This is its true use. What I call an improvement in consciousness, a progress in consciousness, is everything that education in all its forms can provide – not as it’s generally understood, but as we understand it here: education in art, education in … from the education of the body, from the most material progress, to the spiritual education and progress through yoga; the whole spectrum, everything that leads humanity towards its future realisation. Money should serve to augment that and to augment the material base for the earth’s progress, the best use of what the earth can give – its intelligent utilisation, not the utilisation that wastes and loses energies. The use that allows energies to be replenished.

Greed for Money
The surest way to diminish one’s consciousness and narrow one’s nature.

Ochna kirkii
Bird’s-eye bush, Mickey Mouse plant
Small glossy jet black oval fruits that protrude from waxy red sepals; borne in short panicles. A decorative woody shrub with narrow leathery leaves and delicate evanescent yellow flowers.

Photo Courtesy: Jen64
Photo Courtesy: Allan Henderson

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